MARS Breathalyzer Review

MARS Breathalyzer Review
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DUIs can be a really scary experience. Not only are you putting yourself in danger by getting behind the wheel intoxicated, you are also putting others at risk. Most of us know that drinking and driving isn’t a good idea, and chances are if you are searching for a breathalyzer device, you already know this too.

The MARS Breathalyzer has everything you would expect from a top-of-the-line BAC breath analysis device. Not only has it undergone rigorous testing from important regulatory agencies, this product has also been endorsed by the leading divisions in roadside safety and testing,

The MARS Breathalyzer provides fast and easy testing with police-grade fuel cell technology. This means that the results you get on this device, are going to be consistent with the BAC you would blow if you were to be pulled over by law enforcement.

This device precisely and accurately identifies blood alcohol content, from trace amounts to high intoxication. Its lightweight design allows consumers to take a top-of-the-line breathalyzer technology and slip it right in their pockets for easy access and portable use.

The MARS Breathalyzer device couldn’t feel more robust or of better quality with its laser engraved design and protective carrying pouch. The truth is, its technology is really superb from the inside out, preparing you for safety wherever you go.

Don’t let a DUI be part of your story. Take the steps to protect yourself today with a state of the art breathalyzer solution – the MARS Breathalyzer.

Features of MARS Breathalyzer

This MARS Breathalyzer has truly set the bar high by using innovative fuel cell-grade testing technology for superior testing results in line with that provided by law enforcement and other regulatory agencies.

This state-of-the-art technology provides accurate, fast, and easy test results in just 30 seconds. Its easy-to-use design features a one-button off and on digital display. Its sleek and robust design is engraved with the utmost craftsmanship and care. Your purchase comes with a protective carrying pouch, a laser engraved design, and 6 individual wrapped hygienic breathalyzer mouthpieces for shared use among family and friends.

The device itself weighs 85g with 2-AA batteries and displays accurate results within 2 seconds of testing. It features an auto power-off energy-saving mechanism to preserve a longer useful life, along with low battery indication, flow check and error sensing technology.

The MARS Breathalyzer has been tested and awarded the highest remarks out of any breathalyzer in recent laboratory and road tests conducted by Drive Start, as a part of a road safety analysis. The tests rendered results that were the same as law enforcement technology, along with other endorsements from the Department of Transport, FDA, and NHSTA.

The MARS Breathalyzer is leading BAC breath analysis product solution with little to no customer complaints. Let’s explore why this is such a great BAC breath analysis solution.


Invest in a high-quality technical instrument fueled by police grade fuel celled platinum sensors for accurate results every time you or a loved one wants or needs to measure your BAC.

This state-of-the-art technology provides reliable blood alcohol test procedures in less than 30 seconds and results within 2 seconds for fast and efficient testing wherever and whenever you need it, so you can practice safe driving at all times.

The MARS Breathalyzer has been tested rigorously and approved by the FDA, the NHTSA, and the Department of Transport as a high-rated personal alcohol-screening device.

Tests done by DriveStart revealed that MARS Breathalyzer results matched BAC levels measured by police equipment, representing its superior value and police-grade quality.

The device has a sophisticated look and feel, perfect for gifting to a loved one. This 85-gram, laser-engraved device comes with a personal carrying pouch for discreet and easy transportation in your pocket or your purse at all times.

The device is powered by 2-AA batteries and features low-battery indication, flow check-sensing technology, error-sensing technology, and an automatic energy saving mode for enhanced efficiency and low maintenance needs.

A great choice for professional agencies and functions looking for a proprietary breathalyzer solution with accurate testing results.


With a technology as robust as this device holds, it’s only natural that it appears at the higher side of the spectrum. This device can be found between $79 to $150 on various platforms. While this is on the pricier side, we feel as if it is worth every penny for a high-grade breath analysis solution.


Never worry about getting a DUI again with a high-grade solution like the MARS Breathalyzer. Because it renders the same results as law enforcement agencies do, you know that you are getting the most accurate real-time results with this proprietary breath analysis solution.

When it comes to breathalyzers on the market today, there is simple nothing that has been as rigorously tested and performed better as a personal, handheld breathalyzer solution as the MARS Breathalyzer has.

Although some users found this product to be on the higher end, we believe it is fairly priced for product that you are receiving. This distinct and sleep design truly is the perfect option for those looking to take their breath analysis seriously. If you want a high-standard solution in breathalyzer technology, you won’t go wrong with the MARS Breathalyzer.

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