MrLi Alcohol Detector Review

MrLi Alcohol Detector Review
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If you’re like most people, you’re open to having a drink once and while. However, like many adults, you want to hold responsibility over your driving habits, and have made a commitment not to drink and drive. In this instance, you need an accurate an affordable alcohol detecting solution to ensure your safe entrance on the road.

The MrLi Alcohol Detector Breathalyzer is a perfect solution for those wanted a little extra insurance before they hit the road after a drink or two. Users of this product who rave about its convenience and reliability are happy with its portable design, and effective reporting mechanisms.

You may have seen the MrLi Alcohol Detector in uses across professional and personal settings, as it is one of the most well-known and reliable products on the market today. The device falls in the middle of the range in terms of cost, and is still considered affordable enough as a personal solution.

It’s easy use and adjustable warning modifications have found favor among a wide variety of consumers looking for a mid-range yet customizable breath analysis solution. The MrLi Alcohol Detector’s built-in auto calibration and sensor faulty self-checking system means you receive reliable results time and time again with little to no need for maintenance.

The MrLi Alcohol Detector’s quality design and superior technology paired with an 18-month warranty period truly provides a user experience and satisfaction guarantee one might search for in a BAC breath analysis solution.

Features of MrLi Alcohol Detector

The MrLi Alcohol Detector Breathalyzer features advanced semiconductor sensors and professional air flue design for sensitive responses to the detection of alcohol in a person’s system. The technology renders highly accurate and reliable results comparable to that provided by regulatory agencies, such as law enforcement.

Effective breath capturing mechanisms boast a variety of features valued in breath capturing technology, including continuous evaluation of breath temperatures and a centralized mini-solenoid breath pump system.

The device can be personalized with user-adjustable warning levels when BAC detection levels exceed a certain amount. Consumers value this feature as a driving prevention technique.

MrLi Alcohol Detectors are known for their simple instruction manual and easy-to-use one-button design. It is compact and portable enough to easily take with you in a pocket or a purse, for safe detection wherever you are.

Like most products, the MrLi Alcohol Detector Breathalyzer has its pros and cons among users. While the benefits far outweigh its inhibitors, let’s explore what consumers are saying about this product.


As mentioned above, the MrLi Alcohol Detector Breathalyzer features the industry-standard advanced semiconductor alcohol sensor technology. This feature, paired with top-notch air flue design, truly sets this product above the rest in terms of sensitive responses and results in the presence of ethyl alcohol found in the body.

The product has one of the most reliable and effective breath capture solutions, with extended temperature checking during testing along with a central mini-solenoid breath pumping system. This ensures the most efficient and accurate breath capture for deep-lung testing and the prevention of outside contaminates.

The MrLi Alcohol Detector’s one-button operation means that the device is easy to use for adults of all ages, and BAC levels. In case you run into any trouble, a detailed operation manual is provided with clear and easy to follow instructions.

A bright LED screen easily displays low battery reminders and BAC measuring results for easy notification and viewing of detection ranged from 0.000-0.199%

The device’s compact and portable design means easy storage and transportation of the device on your person, in a purse or backpack, or in your vehicle. Your breath analysis purchase comes with 5 additional mouthpieces attached to the back of the device for convenient and hygienic sharing.

The MrLi Alcohol Detector Breathalyzer provides an 18-month warranty and a satisfaction guarantee should you encounter any issues with your device or your device needs replacing.


While the device’s lightweight design has rendered favorable among most consumers, some users have mentioned that the device could be made with stronger materials. Careful storage and proper care of your device is recommended.

Some users have reported inaccurate results in back-to-back testing. However, this is not all that uncommon when it comes to handheld breathalyzer devices, it is generally recommended to wait a minimum of 3 minutes before administering another test.


The MrLi Alcohol Detector is a mid-range BAC breath analysis solution. The device has everything you need out of a breathalyzer solution, including semiconductor sensor technology, air flue design, mini-solenoid pumping system, and a compact and lightweight design. The 18-month warranty truly shows a commitment to its users and a quality product.

While some consumers have mentioned the need for stronger materials and a few minutes delay between testing periods, we find still find this solution to render extremely accurate and favorable police-grade results for those wishing to protect themselves against the dangers of drunk driving.

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