VicTsing Breathalyzer Review

VicTsing Breathalyzer Review
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Whether you’ve gotten a DUI before, or you are smart enough to learn from the mistakes of others, you probably know that it’s not a good idea to drink and drive. So how do you take measures to protect yourself against the dangers of drunk driving without breaking the bank?

The VicTsing Breathalyzer is the perfect go-to solution for those searching for a more affordable, yet reliable, breath analysis device on the market.

The VicTsing Breathalyzer was crafted with industry standard semi-conductor technology for accurate and reliable testing results. Featured with Smart MCU control design, the VicTsing has a built-in alarm system to warn you when your BAC has exceeded certain amounts.

The device measures at just 4.06 inches in length and 2.4 inches in width, weighing 2.2 oz. It’s lightweight and portable design means that you can easily slip this device in your pocket and take it with you anywhere you go. Your purchase is also equipped with 20 extra mouthpieces to ensure quick, convenient, and safe shared testing of the device between friends and family members.

Warm-up times can be measured at less than 20 seconds, while results are revealed in just 5 seconds, the VicTsing Breathalyzer can last up to 200 tests on 3 AAA batteries. The device’s auto-sleep mode aids in providing a battery life that is longer lasting. High accuracy results are provided up to 0.01mg/l.

 VicTsing Breathalyzer Features

Here are some of the reasons the VicTsing Breathalyzer is a competitor in its field.

The VicTsing Breathalyzer utilizes semi-conductor technology for accurate testing results. This tech is considered the next best thing to law enforcement’s breathalyzer fuel sensors, and is considered a standard among breathalyzer devices.

The device is uniquely small and portable, providing a convenient solution for those who want to take their breathalyzer discreetly with them on the go. The device comes with a pocket-sizing pouch perfect for… you guessed it, your pocket!

This built-in warning mechanism is favored among mothers who want to determine safe breast-feeding and drivers who want to avoid getting behind the wheel at unsafe intoxication levels.

Additionally, the device features an energy-saving mode that will come into effect after 5-seconds of inoperable activity in order to preserve battery life. It is estimated that the VicTsing can provide accurate results of up to 200 tests before needing a battery replacement.

Not only is this device extremely affordable across different markets, your VicTsing Breathalyzer purchase comes with 20 additional mouthpieces for plenty of convenient and safe testing among friends.

Every product has their pros and cons and a breathalyzer solution is no exception. Let’s explore what people are saying about this product and if it is the right choice for you.


The VicTsing Breathalyzer provides convenient and accurate BAC testing after 20 minutes of drinking using sensitive semi-conductor technology. Next to fuel-grade sensors, this is a standard solution in the breath analysis industry.

The product features a bright blue backlit digital LCD screen for clear and visible use wherever you are at night. Your VicTsing purchase comes with 20 extra mouthpieces for quick and convenient shared testing of your device among friends and family.

3 AAA batteries conveniently power the device while a built-in auto-sleep feature. This energy saving mode shuts off after 5 seconds of the last test to aid in prolonging battery life. The VicTsing Breathalyzer is expected to last up to 200 accurate test results.

The VicTsing Breathalyzer is defined by its lightweight and compact design, making it the perfect portable breathalyzer solution for people on the go. The device comes with an on-the-go pouch for easy transportation and discreetness.

The device boasts a built-in smart MCU design that issues an automatic alarm when BAC levels exceed 0.25mg/L or 50mg/100ml or 0.05%BAC or 0.50‰BAC. This is the perfect notification for those wanting to prevent drunk-driving and breastfeeding mothers of unsafe feeding times.

The VicTsing Breathalyzer offers an attractive, portable, breathalyzer solution at a small price across various platforms.


Although the device only requires a warm-up time of 20 seconds, it is recommended that you wait 20 minutes after your initial drink for the most accurate testing results, and 3 minutes between each breath analysis test.

VicTsing Breathalyzers are not able to guarantee results in environments with airborne pesticides, alcohol, paints, or other corrosive gases. High accuracy results are only provided up to 0.01mg/l or 0.20% BAC level.


The VicTsing Breathalyzer is considered to be a reliable, cost-saving BAC breath analysis solution. The handheld breathalyzer device’s compact and lightweight design is perfect for use on the go. The handheld device comes with a convenient portable bag for discreet transportation. It easily slides into your pocket so you always have your breathalyzer with you just when you need it.

The device’s built-in alarm mechanism is choice for mothers who are breastfeeding and those committed to safe driving to inform these users of unsafe blood alcohol content limitations. Although some consumers reported excessive wait times and difficult rendering of results in certain environments, we feel that this is a small trade-off for an accurate reporting device of this low cost.

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